Made to inspire, backed by science

Our tools and games get you up to speed with the latest in disinformation tactics and manipulation strategies.

The solution to disinformation is not so much about fact-checking, but about building peoples’ skills and resilience. Tilt specializes in innovative products and services that help people recognize (and deal with) online manipulation more effectively, with less effort.


  • Hate Speech Detection

  • Tilt Insights

  • Serious Games

  • Our Hate Speech Detection solution automates the detection of hateful speech online, enabling you to tackle hate speech head-on!

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  • Our Insights are based on data analysis and report on topics, trends and threats in online spaces. This lets journalists uncover the truth, scientists gain valuable insights, and organizations keep their team safe from disinformation campaigns.

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  • In our seriously fun games, players experiment with being bad to the bone. You take on the role of a master manipulator and spread as much disinformation as you can, and in the process learn how to spot major disinformation tactics. A lot of our games are publicly available in many languages!

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From serious(ly fun) games to intelligent insights

First off, all our solutions are designed to inspire and engage, in order to reach your target audience. Second, they are specifically tailored to your challenge and your audience. Each project is an opportunity to innovate and iterate, finding new ways to counter online manipulation. And finally, we know our solutions work because we rigorously test and verify them. We perform in-house data analysis and work with reknowned universities to quantify the effects. This research has contributed to papers being published in Nature and Science.