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A fresh, immersive way to learn everything you need to know about common disinformation tactics and techniques. Seriously fun and effortlessly effective.

Harmony Square, information resilience game

Our Approach

Our serious games department, Bad News, offers unique citizenship and news literacy education. Our games apply the principle of “active inoculation”. Inoculation Theory explains that an attitude or belief can be protected from persuasion, through exposure to weakened doses of information of a larger (future) threat

By letting players take on the role of the villain, they build up cognitive resistance to misleading techniques. Research conducted by The University of Cambridge, has found that after playing our showcase game, Bad News, players are significantly better at spotting misleading and false information than control groups.

From debunking to prebunking

Debunking false information is like fighting a losing battle. Equipping people to consume information in the modern world, by making them aware of how influence and persuasion works, prevents them from falling prey to unwanted influence and false information. This way of prebunking disinformation and conspiracy theories can help strengthen trust in society and counter hate speech.

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