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BNR’s Big Five: war in Ukraine

Gwenda Nielen was a guest at BNR Nieuwsradio, a Dutch news radio program where relevant news is discussed daily, as part of their Big Five series about war in Ukraine.

This time Gwenda spoke with Diana Matroos, about information warfare. Information warfare precedes physical conflict and is a substantial aspect of the outcome on the battlefield, that also has it’s effect far outside the actual conflict area. A particular concern that was disucussed is the gamification of war.

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VPRO Tegenlicht

The information war is raging and the big question remains how we should relate to disinformation. During VPRO Backlight Future Stories, Tilt’s very own Rivka Otten discusses how playing serious games helps create order out of chaos.

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Goedemorgen Nederland

Gwenda Nielen was a table guest at Goedemorgen Nederland (Omroep WNL), to discuss Putin’s speech at the Moscow Victory Day Parade, which is held annually on the 9th of May.


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BNR’s Big Five

Disinformation is an incredibly important contemporary topic, which is why Tilt’s Gwenda Nielen was present at BNR Nieuwsradio, a Dutch news radio program where relevant news is discussed daily, as part of their Big Five series.


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Our very own Rivka was asked to share her knowledge at Het Klokhuis, where she took the youth of Dutch primary schools into the topic of disinformation.


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BNR Newsradio

Gwenda Nielen, director of Tilt, is asked to clarify how and where fake news is thriving around Dutch municipality elections. She provides insight into the strategies used and speaks about the shift from using bots to exploiting the increased connectedness between several conspiracy networks over several platforms.

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NOS, the main news outlet in the Netherlands, asked for Tilt’s expert opinion in relation to the information warfare in Ukraine and the tactics used by troll factories in Russia. Gwenda gave it to them.

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The Dutch television show ‘Op1’ asked Tilt to contribute in their panel discussion on Russia’s threats, together with professor Rob de Wijk, minister Hugo de Jonge and member of parliament Gert-Jan Segers. Gwenda provided insight into disinformation tactics used, as monitored by the Tilt-team. Approximately 665.000 viewers have seen this show.

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Charlie Peters, one of Tilt’s project managers, talked to NOS about the role of Telegram in the war in Ukraine. He stated that disinformation is bigger than ever and that Telegram is currently not being used as a chat-app, but as an information outlet.

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Hart van Nederland

Hart van Nederland – a human interest news show – reported on a hostage situation in Amsterdam’s Apple Store. Remarkable about the situation was that a lot of the situation was filmed by bystanders. Gwenda – Director of Tilt – gave insight into the basics of on- and offline behavior and why we do as we do in situations like these.


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