Are you interested in a workshop or lecture on disinformation, polarisation or radicalisation? Set the stage for information resilience!

Gwenda Nielen workshops against disinformation

Online manipulation is one of the biggest challenges of our time, combining emerging technologies and social science with disastrous results. It creates polarization and disturbs public order and safety in many ways (e.g. radicalisation, human trafficking, influencing elections, cyber crime, ethnic and religious tensions). In general it diminishes trust in governments, institutions, oneself and each other. This is undermining human rights, societies and the solidarity within them.

At Tilt we provide insight, understanding and resilience against disinformation and online manipulation of perception and behaviour. We monitor social media platforms and report on tactics, techniques, narratives, networks and indicators, and we build seriously fun and proven game solutions that increase resilience.


Set the stage for information resilience!

With simulations, workshops or presentations we improve knowledge and skills of individuals, teams and organisations. We believe in a future where people understand how online manipulation works and can avoid its harmful effects.

Gwenda Nielen at the European Comission

Gwenda was invited to speak at the European Comission, we think she was the only one wearing sneakers?

Workshop Tilt dangers of disinformation

Lisa and Dion took the train to London where they updated the British intelligence-community on the dangers of disinformation and armed them against it with our workshop!

Gwenda Nielen workshop Tilt for Dutch police

Gwenda and Lisa had a great time talking at the national training day for the Dutch police branch. Gwenda took place on a panel and Lisa gave a workshop on Harmony Square.

Gwenda Nielen - workshop Harmony Square serious game

Libraries are cornerstones of culture and society so they play an important role in fighting disinformation. Gwenda talked about ways they can do this by demonstrating Harmony Square!

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