Introducing Tilt’s Director, Gwenda Nielen

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Gwenda is a director of Tilt, sociologist, behavioural researcher and former lieutenant-colonel in the Dutch Armed Forces. Over the years she has build her expertise on disinformation, online & offline manipulation and hybrid conflict by combining knowledge with operational experience. By bringing theoretical concepts in operational context in Afghanistan, Syria, Georgia and the Sahel Region she grew an understanding of the multifaceted and complex system dynamics behind several societal and security challenges.

From her current role she works with the Tilt team to limit the impact of online originated manipulation of perception and behaviour. Under Gwenda’s direction, Tilt currently offers two solutions to combat online manipulation: 1. Tilt Insights analyse online techniques, tactics, narratives and networks to generate understanding and help deal with harmful online phenomena; 2. Tilt’s serious games and simulations help to build resilience for organisations and people to protect them against disinformation, by focusing on the tacts and techniques of the phenomenon.

You may have seen or heard Gwenda on TV or radio shows, check out our recent media appearances.

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