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What we think work should be like…

Work should be fun and have meaning to the people that work here. Work should also make use of the talents people have, this is why our teams divide tasks based on peoples’ interests and talents. Being part of a company should mean you can be who you are, and provide you with the space you need to work towards your own goals or ideals. We believe people perform best when they are trusted with a high degree of autonomy, feel that they can express themselves and decide with their team where, when and with whom they work.

What we do as a company should also make sense to everyone. We foster an ‘ask anything’ mentality, there are no hidden agendas, we are open about salaries and there are no bonus structures where an individual is rewarded for a team effort.

Working at Tilt means working with people that look for meaning in their work, whilst persuing their potential. What we have in common is that we want to contribute something to society, all of us from our own background and set of skills. To innovate, we think it is important to work with people that bring different perspectives to the table and challenge each other in our way of thinking.

We make work fun and contribute to society through information resilience.

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