Great-place-to-work supporter (Internship)


Are you looking for a support-role internship at an exciting scale-up company? Are you high energy, sociable and eager to create a hassle free and fun place to work for our teams? And do you want to contribute to building resilience against online manipulation? Then we are looking for you!

Your assignment

Your assignment will be to build a smooth running office support function in our scale up company. You will work under the direction of Tilt Leadership to make our offices in The Hague and Utrecht great places to work. And you will provide organisational support, to reduce daily hassles of our teams to a minimum.

Job content

As Great-Place-to-Work Supporter you will be involved in a variety of tasks:

  • Redecorating our offices in Utrecht and The Hague, so that they become a great place to
    work; That means everything from contacts with the landlord, to buying new plants
  • Chief laptop and phone distribution
  • Onboarding of new colleagues (making sure they can make a great start on their first day)
  • Organising social events for the team
  • Offer administrative support (stuff like invoicing, Google-environment system administration,
    privacy proofing the Google-Drive-Folders etc)

The team

You will be part of our growing and vibrant organisation with all kinds of people eager to contribute to society. Your internship supervisor will be Viktor van der Wijk, Managing Director of Tilt. And, working together with Tilt Leadership, you will support the company as a whole.

What you bring

  • Speak and write both Dutch and English.
  • You are enthusiastic, sociable and reliable
  • You are great at planning, organising and taking initiative, and can deal with changing priorities (because at a scale up, everything is evolving all the time)
  • With our clients from all over the world and online manipulation impacting people from all
    walks of life, it would be an asset to our team if you bring a different perspective, cultural
    background and life experience.

These requirements give a direction to the intern we are looking for for this position. Research shows
that generally male candidates apply at a 60% match and women at a 100% match. Do you not meet
all the requirements but do you think this is the position for you? Then we would like to invite you to apply.

What we offer

  • Internship compensation (350 euro/maand)
  • 20 hours a week (can be discussed, as internship requirements of different institutions may vary)
  • Work locations in The Hague and Utrecht
  • Great opportunity to gain experience and develop professionally
  • Working directly with leadership team of Tilt
  • Opportunity to come and work for Tilt after your internship
  • NS Business card for work related travel


Do you think you are a good fit for this position or do you have any questions? Send an email to or call Gwenda Nielen 0610711141.

About the company

We’re a team of storytellers, thinkers, explorers and makers. Together we work on innovative ways that help our clients recognise and deal with online manipulation. We’ve worked for a variety of clients, from startups to governments. Together, we achieve extraordinary results with innovative methods, tools and services. Built to inspire and engage. Guaranteed to change your perspective.